Posted by: Andrea Day | September 14, 2011

@Trafficlinkuk develops new HDTV studio and graphics for traffic news

The new High Definition Trafficlink TV studio uses the latest technology combining a full production suite into one very powerful computer – the NewTek TriCaster TCXD850

Trafficlink have developed software that can produce traffic and travel reports beyond conventional CCTV images with an in vision presenter which has been the standard for decades.   Utilising the multiple camera angles with the virtual studio set capabilities, they are able to produce the next generation of traffic reports in high definition.

As well as experimenting with graphics that are regularly seen in the US, they have been developing bespoke products to provide viewers with the most relevant and useful information which goes beyond a single picture of queues.

HD TV Strip Map

Trafficlink’s parent company, ITIS (yes, it is still officially ITIS and not INRIX  – yet) provides them with millions of anonymously GPS tracked vehicles and mobile phone data to provide a progressive traffic news service, delivered in the most visually engaging way.

The studio is already connected to ITN and subsequently all routes available through their switching hub.  From today, Trafficlink’s in vision bulletins for ITV’s regional opt outs during Daybreak will be live from the new HD studio.

Talks are already in progress with a number of other key broadcasting organisations about permanent connectivity to their broadcast centres.  They are also trialling IP based connections which will enable us to broadcast current and predicted travel conditions to Europe and the US as well as providing analysis and comments for travel related news stories.

Additional functionality has also been built into the new studio which allows it to be a ‘switching’ facility; images and graphics can be generated from London, but advice and commentary can be added by ISDN from a local travel news expert from one of Trafficlink’s six regional studios.

Exciting times.



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