Posted by: Andrea Day | October 1, 2011

Appearing at @radioacademy Foot In The Door #fitd #radfest11

Last year The Radio Academy asked me to be on the committee for their annual “Foot in the Door” event at the Radio Festival. It was loads of fun; I got to help organise the event with the wonderful Heather Davis and also got to appear on a panel myself.

It’s a fantastic event for people who are looking to find out more about the radio industry and not just the normal on air roles that most people strive for.

It’s set up like speed dating; a load of tables with industry peeps on one side and then the delegates on the other.  Every 15 minutes a klaxon sounds and the delegates move round to the next table.

Helen and Olly from Answer me This! podcast

Last year I was very excited to appear on a table with Helen and Olly from Answer me This, speaking about what the delegates can do for free.  I was talking about the volunteer work that I do at Rossendale Radio.

This year, I am off to talk about how Trafficlink can often be a paid way into the industry and also talk about the work that I do for, Rossendale Radio and the Radio Academy.  Its all about having fingers in lots of pies.  Ummm… Pies…..

Tickets are £19 + VAT and I really would recommend anyone who,

  • works in community / student / hospital radio
  • is looking for their first, second or even third step in the industry
  • is studying any form of media qualification

…to come along.

There were lots of people queueing up to get in last year that hadn’t booked their tickets early enough, so I cant stress enough how much you need to get booked in today.

Get more info: Foot In The Door 2011 | The Radio Academy.


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