Posted by: Andrea Day | October 1, 2011

The search for @Girl_Geeks #ewtech

According to the Girl Geeks website and e-skills UK, the imbalance between male and female workers in some tech areas is getting worse rather than better;

“…only 18% of IT & Telecoms professionals are female, down from 22% in 2001. Likewise female representation within the IT & Telecoms industry as a whole is also on the decline, down from 27% in 2001 to 25% by the second quarter of this year.”

This makes me sad.

Thinking back to my uni course (BSc Music Technology), there were only 3 gals in the group, and on the electronics and programming modules, even less.  I graduated in 2003 and I didn’t think that we would ever go backwards from there.

However, if you are out there (and I KNOW you are) then perhaps you should consider the Everywoman Technology Awards.


The everywoman in Technology Awards are free to enter and the 2012 categories include:

  • Rising Star – awarded to a woman under 26 who is excelling in her technology career and is the one to watch.
  • Team Leader (in an SME with under 500 employees) – awarded to a woman whose team leadership has greatly contributed to the organisation’s success.
  • Leader (in a corporate organisation with over 500 employees) – awarded to a women operating in a senior management position making a contribution to the strategic direction of the business.
  • Innovator  awarded to a woman designing, developing, researching or implementing technology in an unconventional and innovative way.
  • Entrepreneur – awarded to an owner/operator of a technology business whose vision and talent will inspire others.
  • Inspiration – awarded to an individual (male or female) for their active commitment to encouraging, advancing or championing the progress of women working in technology.


 There is more info on the Everywoman  website.


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