Posted by: Andrea Day | October 5, 2011

Welcome to MediaCityUK with the @radioacademy

The Radio Academy do some great work bringing all sectors of the radio industry together. A lot of their evening series of events are based in London, but there are a few active regional branches out there too.

On Tuesday, the North West Branch held their first in a series of events, which looked at what Media City means for radio across the industry.

John Ryan leads the panel session

On the panel were;

  • Jonathan Aspinwall, Editor of late night and overnight programmes on 5Live
  • John Simons – Group PD, Real Radio GMG
  • Jo Meek – Freelance Executive Producer at Wise Buddah

The session was hosted by John Ryan, Managing Editor of BBC Radio Manchester and was opened by Peter Salmon, BBC North Director.

The highlights the panel session were tweeted by @radiotodaylive so no point in a recap, but the main theme from all the speakers and from the tour which we were treated to afterwards, is that MediaCity is all about a feeling; a spark of creativity.  It’s there already and the place isn’t even fully up and running yet.

Overlooking the main atrium

The best place to feel it was overlooking the main atrium from the front of the building towards the back – the whole building has stunning views of the working spaces littered with 70’s style vibrant colours mixed with shades of grey and black.

Every available space and wall covering depicts the heritage of the BBC, from the start of broadcasting right up to minute.   BBC Sport is still being built on the ground floor but is easily recognisable by the bright yellow logos that litter the unfurnished space.
A non “bollocking booth”

Meeting pods are every where you turn – some open and some closed, the later of which are already being referred to as the “Bollocking booths”, however, they have no roof – bollockers beware. There are lounge areas, meeting spaces, dressing rooms and mini studios around every corner.

The building isn’t just a new physical location for some parts of the BBC; it is a new way of thinking, working and above all creating great content.


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