I am one of these people that hasn’t really made the biggest use of their degree, but I wouldn’t be without it. I am actually a Bachelor of Science don’t you know; a got a BSc in Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield. I feel rather old these days, as all the cool stuff I did there with cutting edge technology you can now practically do on an iphone.

After battling with continuous sexism, being the most highly qualified tech geek working as a Senior Sales Assistant at Richer Sounds, I knew that I needed to annoy the parents by trying to earn the mortgage by working in radio. At age 16 they told me there was no chance and I dropped media studies. They will probably be right in the end, but I am not doing a bad job so far.

Trafficlink was my home from 2004 – 2013, first as an information editor, then broadcaster, then regional manager and onto the Training and Communications Manager.  It was a VERY varied job and if my job title actually described what I did, it wouldn’t fit on my business card.

I joined the BBC at Radio Merseyside in 2013 as their Administrator and producer for the afternoon programme hosted by Billy Butler.

I’m a landlady, a baker, a singer, a radio geek and a little too obsessed with Disney to be healthy for an adult.

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