Travel News

Behind most commercial,  BBC local and National Radio,  travel news information is either supported by or provided entirely by Trafficlink.  I have been working there since 2004, first as an information editor and then broadcaster.  From 2006 I was the manager of the North West office in Manchester and for the past couple of years I have moved on to be the Training and Communications Manager.

In my current role I get to look after all the radio clients across the UK, there are over 300 of them, so it can be rather busy! I also get to do some thinking about what travel news services might look like in the future.

As with most of my interests, I am a bit of a geek; I love road facts, old maps, new technology and pretty much anything road and driving related.

Check out the audio page if you want to hear some examples of me talking roads (and public transport of course).

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