As part of my work as Communications Manager at Trafficlink often meant that I was put in the spotlight when travel news becomes national news. Here are a few examples of me talking roads on the TV.

During September 2011 the remainder of Hurricane Katia hit the UK, causing strong winds mainly in northern England and Scotland.  In just one day, Trafficlink dealt with 107 road incidents in relation to fallen trees.


In April 2011, a fire in a scrap yard under the M1 damaged the carriageway so much that the road was closed for a number of days.

Snowy conditions at the end of December 2010 and start of January 2011 were the worst that the country had seen for a long time.  Trains were cancelled roads were closed and I got to talk about it on the TV for SKY and the BBC.

Live from BBC’s TV centre

Sky News visits Trafficlink’s Birmingham studio

Sky News visits Trafficlink’s London studio

In July 2009 BBC Midlands today came to visit Trafficlink’s Birmingham office to see how we gather traffic information using new technology from our parent company ITIS

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